If you want to make God laugh, then tell him your plans. Like most people, I believed after high school I was supposed to go to college, get a degree and live happily ever after. And like most people my plans did not go how I wanted. I went to college received my chemistry degree and moved back to Atlanta, GA with my parents. Graduating at the peak of the recession in 2008, I realized that I more than likely should go to graduate school to make myself more “appealing” to the jobs I applied for.
        I was wrong again. I found myself with working as a Quality Assurance Chemist running a lab but hating the job. It wasn’t because I didn’t like chemistry, I love chemistry, it was the “injustice of corporate America”, the circumstances around the position I was in. I let that consume me until one day I realize that if I did not like my situation it was up to me to change it. I decided I needed an escape from my corporate job.
        After months of research and praying Mi Amoré Glam Collection was born. I realized I can use my passion and knowledge of chemistry along with my quality assurance skills to ensure my clients get the best hair on the market. I promise to educate you on what products you should use on your investment so you can keep it as long as possible. Here at Mi Amoré we are dedicated to provide the best customer experience for our clients and we look forward to serving all your GLAM needs.